Inflatable Stoppings

Each barricade can be folded, stored on a warehouse shelf and transported to the work location as a compact package. Simply attach to corner eyebolts or fold out in the drift, connect valve up to air bottle or compressed air via a reducer valve and inflate. Once fully erected, secure the barricade to the back and walls by the quick snap on buckles. In the picture there is a double door to allow personnel to enter or exit the blocked off area. The door is held closed by velcro strips on the sides and the bottom and provides blast damage relief in areas close to the main excavations.

Instruction For Inflatable Stopping

  • Remove from pallet and place on ground where stopping is to be inflated.
  • Use D ring where stopping is marked TOP to raise up to back.
  • Connect intake bypass valve to the stopping air intake.
  • Connect mine air to intake bypass valve.
  • When stopping is inflated air will start to dump out bypass valve.
  • Leave air slightly on constant flow to keep the stopping inflated.
  • Secure stopping to screen using D ring on sides and top.
  • Use outside flap to cover any openings.