Norvent Mine & Tunnel Ventilation formerly Schauenburg is proud to introduce a unique product to the residential and commercial building sector. NOVOFORM is a permanent concrete forming system for building footings, walls and foundations. The forms are project specific, lightweight and easily installed. The forms would be used to pour concrete and can then be left in the ground eliminating the need to strip, clean and transport forms to various locations.

Norvent Mine & Tunnel Ventilation formerly Schauenburg has secured the exclusive rights to Novoform in Canada. Although Novoform is new to Canada, it has been manufactured and sold in the United Kingdom, for over five years.

The business model for Novoform is as follows: Customers would submit drawings of a project and Norvent Mine & Tunnel Ventilation formerly Schauenburg will complete quantity take-offs, measurements and design before preparing a detailed quotation with all components of the concrete forming installation. The contractor advantage is that the turn around time from concept to completion is very fast. The Novoform product allows for efficiencies and cost savings for the building industry.

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