The Giertsen tunnel sealing system is a cost-effective method of providing permanent sealing and humidity control underground. It is a complete waterproofing system for any caverns, shafts or underground facilities as the watertight membrane can seal an area from all moisture and humidity.

Although relatively new to Canada, this system has been used successfully in Europe for over 35 years.

The sealing system was originally developed to satisfy long-term storage needs in underground caves for the armed forces in Norway as well as military vehicles belonging to the United States Marine Corp as part of a NATO commitment. The waterproofing system, combined with dehumidifier components gives a controlled environment which reduces corrosion to a minimum.

The safety of the Giertsen is well documented regarding fire, life span and water tightness. The fabric itself if self-extinguishing, which means it will never maintain or spread a fire. Rips or tears in the fabric can be easily repaired using a heat-weld process.

The Giertsen sealing system is ideal for numerous applications including, but not limited to, waste water plants, hydroelectric power plants, subsea public road/rail tunnels, underground parking lots, subway tunnels, public fresh water supply, military facilities, storage caverns, civil defense shelters, sports centers and technical installations.

Recently, Norvent Ventilation installed the system at the NORCAT Underground Centre, in Onaping which is part of the City of Greater Sudbury.